Is this the Age of Possibility

or the Age of Overwhelm,

Chaos and Confusion?


Extraordinary Times Call for Exponential Conversations


"We live in worlds our conversations create." ~ David Cooperrider

In a world where the pace of change surpasses human adaptability, this era is often dubbed the Age of Possibility. Yet, with rapid transformation comes the daunting challenge of keeping up.

How do we harness the potential without being overwhelmed by the noise?

Welcome to New Primetime Media, where every conversation is an opportunity to learn, connect, and grow.

At New Primetime Media, we tackle this paradox by pioneering ways to transform passive online engagements into dynamic, active learning experiences. Our innovative Xchange Approach methodology enables participants to thrive amid rapid changes, creating widespread learning opportunities, deepening human engagement, and fostering instant community connections.

What We Do

At New Primetime, we're not just hosting virtual events; we're revolutionizing how learning happens. By transforming passive participation into active engagement, we foster deep, meaningful connections and conversations that inspire change.

Our events are designed to make every participant an active learner, unlocking the collective brilliance of teams and organizations.

Who We Are

Elizabeth Harrington, with her extensive experience in cultivating impactful live and virtual interactions through both traditional and digital strategies, leads New Primetime Media. Her expertise spans leadership development, sales management, human resources, senior project management, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Supported by a proficient team, she places New Primetime Media at the forefront of dynamic learning communities. 

Their approach, rooted in the power of Appreciative Inquiry and Jon Berghoff's innovative Xchange method, designs conversations that not only resonate deeply but are also remembered.

Why We're Different
Our superpower lies in our ability to design and facilitate conversations that matter. We believe in the transformative power of asking the right questions to unlock group potential. Through our Appreciative Inquiry framework and Xchange Approach, we guide our clients from passive reception to active exploration, driving change and fostering an environment of trust and safety.

To facilitate tomorrow's change, we must first alter today's facilitation strategies. The outdated paradigms of leading, teaching, and convening are evolving:

  • From idolizing the "sage on the stage" to empowering "the guide on the side."
  • From "knowing, telling, and controlling" to "asking, inviting, and unlocking."

The expertise of our future lies in our ability to unlock collective intelligence swiftly and on a grand scale. The rise of AI has inundated us with information but left us craving meaning, wisdom, and connection

Enter the Xchange Approach: A pioneering facilitation model that fuses art and science to craft transformational online learning experiences.

The Appreciative Inquiry Methodology
We employ a proven four-step process to maximize the impact of our sessions:

  • Discovery - Appreciating the best of what is.
  • Dream - Envisioning what could be.
  • Design - Co-constructing the future.
  • Destiny - Sustaining new discoveries.

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