Navigating for the next chapter...

What’s next?

What matter's NOW?




Embrace Your New PrimeTime: Navigating the Next Chapter with Confidence and Curiosity

"You can't go back and change the beginning,

but you can start where you are

and change the ending."

~ C.S. Lewis

Welcome! Nice to Meet You!

Welcome to New PrimeTime, where your future is not just a continuation but an expansive adventure waiting to unfold.

I’m Elizabeth Harrington, your dedicated guide in this exciting journey. Much like you, I’ve ventured into the uncharted terrain of the 50s and beyond, seeking more than the traditional concept of retirement.

If you’re curious, adventurous, and desiring a life beyond the ordinary, you’ve found your tribe here.

My Journey

My own odyssey involved leaping into the unknown, from marrying for the first time and relocating from Canada to the USA, to demolishing the status quo in my life. In this exploration, I discovered the transformative power of purpose and meaningful connections.

Inspired by thought leaders like Richard Leider known as the Pope of Purpose and Chip Conley of the Modern Elder Academy I embraced the shift from success to significance, recognizing that our future can indeed be bigger than our past.


Unlocking our collective genius


Your New PrimeTime Adventure

At New PrimeTime, we’re not just offering workshops; we’re crafting experiences. Our virtual gatherings, workshops, and immersive programs are all about well being, meaningful work, and the joy of travel - the essential elements of a fulfilling life.

We’re here to guide you in reframing what’s next and what matters most to you now.


Navigating Change, Embracing Opportunity

What Sets Us Apart?

We believe in the 3 C’s Approach: Curated Content, Community, and Connection. Expect carefully curated insights from global thought leaders, a vibrant community of like-minded individuals from around the world, and meaningful connections that go beyond the virtual realm.

Our platform is your canvas for exploration, where zigzagging is not ONLY allowed, it is encouraged.

Your Personalized Journey

Your journey with us is as unique as you are. We offer personalized guidance, interactive sessions, and a nurturing, coaching community. Whether you’re rediscovering passions, redefining purpose, or embracing the wisdom of age, we’re here to stand beside you every step of the way.  

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Let’s Start Together

New PrimeTime isn’t just a destination; it’s a transformative expedition. Are you ready to embrace your New PrimeTime with curiosity and confidence? Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together.

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