A  6 week immersive coaching program to give you the insight and the tools to calm and soothe your inner turbulence.


Welcome to a transformative experience unlike any other – the "Leading Well From Within" 6-Week Group Coaching Program!

If you're seeking a life-changing journey, you're in the right place. This program, based on Dr. Daniel Friedland's groundbreaking work and the Xchange Approach - Awakening the Conscious Leader Within, isn't just a series of lessons; it's an exploration of self, a celebration of your individuality, and a commitment to conscious leadership.

The speed of change has now gone beyond what we as humans can possibly adapt to - simply too fast.


A 6 week group coaching program

Your Unique Journey Awaits:

In every moment, your energy, your presence and your essence shape the world around you. This program is crafted to help you unlock your true potential, foster deep connections and lead a conscious, purpose-driven life.

We are passionate about bringing the latest in neuroscience and mind body practices to help YOU become the best version of who you are meant to be.


Embrace Your Authenticity:  

Peel back the layers and discover the real you waiting to emerge.

Forge Genuine Connections:

Build authentic relationships that uplift your soul and support your growth.

Visualize Your Future:

Craft a future that aligns with your heart's desires through mindful visioning and goal setting.

Nurture Mind-Body Harmony:

Achieve a profound balance within, fostering peace and vitality.

Create Lasting Impact:

Illuminate not just your life but the lives of everyone you touch.

Strengthen Your Resilience:

Life gets tough, and you can handle it. Discover practical tools to face challenges with grace and grit.

Why Choose This Journey?

You might wonder, "Why this program?" The answer is simple: because it's crafted for you. You're not just a participant; you're a valued individual on a personalized path to awakening your inner champion. I believe in your brilliance, your wisdom and your capacity for conscious self leadership. Together, we'll embark on this journey, ensuring your experience is not just transformative, but deeply enriching.

You will be able to:

  • shift your energy from overwhelm to calm
  • alchemize stress from burnout to magnetizing people and opportunities into your life
  • identify your emotional triggers
  • avoid reactivity
  • reduce suffering
  • get unstuck
  • find peace
  • sleep better


  • connect your passion with purpose =renewable energies
  • unlock your heart-brain congruence
  • use mindfulness practices
  • improve your loving relationships with all in your life
  • create deeper spiritual connection
  • bring joy back to your life
  • have heightened fulfillment

Through a spirit of community, and support we are going to create an island of sanity amongst the chaos and uncertainty.

Whether you manage a team of people or influence others in your family and neighborhood, how you show up is what you give to others.

Are you showing up as your best self?

Do you know what that is? Or have you lost touch with your future better self?

This 6 week coaching program will get you started with a new set of tools to help you adapt to the realities of today’s modern world.

Our initial goal is to help you build a foundation that will help you handle the rigors of a daily stress -filled life.

 30+ Self-Paced Micro-Training Videos 

  • Review & go deeper with Dr. Danny Friedland and Xchange content
  • 10 +/- min videos organized into weekly, self-paced content
  • Includes interactive worksheets
  • Daily Themes: Monday - Science
    Tuesday - Mindfulness
    Wednesday - Heart
    Thursday - Breath
    Friday - Inquiry 

18 Weekly Visioning & Learning Group Experience Zooms

30 or 60 Minutes - Facilitated by Elizabeth Harrington

Mondays: Conscious Visioning & Practice Planning

  • Wednesday: Holding Space for Practice & Journaling
  • Fridays: Active Learning & Appreciative Inquiry

Daily Conscious Leadership Journaling Pages

  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Xchange designed active learning questions


  • Recordings of three, 10 minute, done-for-you Guided Practices 
  • Special Surprise Guest Mentors
  • 77 Page Summary of Dr. Danny Friedland’s Book Leading Well From Within

We will be opening up our newest program very soon - Leading Well From Within  but space is limited.

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