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Hello, I'm Elizabeth Harrington, the Founder and CEO of New Prime Time. Our company thrives on personal connections. Through a unique methodology and framework, we facilitate meaningful interactions that lead to lasting relationships. Allow me to introduce you to our powerful approach.

I help guide and advise thought leaders, coaches authors and teachers how to magnetize people and opportunities through creatively designed and facilitated virtual events.

Today I am committed to helping people who consider themselves, thought leaders, people who have a calling, a message, a sense of purpose who want to help serve through their wisdom and experiences.

If you want to teach, coach, consult, encourage and inspire others, the way of reaching the Right Fit Clients can be leveraged and scaled by showcasing your abilities and messages through Virtual Events and gatherings.


Crafting Connections Through Virtual Gatherings

At New Prime Time, we excel in designing and facilitating modern virtual events that foster a sense of belonging and foster exponential community growth. Our events center around choreographed conversations and generative questions, creating an environment where group brilliance flourishes.

Our Vision of Empowering Leadership

Leadership, for us, goes beyond conventional roles. We advocate for guiding individuals, not dictating to them. True leadership empowers people to discover their brilliance, fostering collective growth.

We see Virtual Events Driving...

the Future of Modern Empowerment Marketing

What exactly is Empowerment marketing?

We are passionate about shifting to this kind of marketing because it is a psychological philosophy based on principles of positive psychology. These are based on meaning and satisfaction instead of fear, shame and other weaknesses.

Your audience is tired of all the sleazy in your face marketing tactics and tuning out and turning off.

To stand out today in such a loud, crowded and chaotic world, and to establish yourself as a trusted thought leader is to first build trust. Trust takes time and consistency.  Yet we all know that people still think the familiar brands bring them comfort. These are often found on TV screens. By becoming a familiar face on peoples' virtual screens, through Zoom,  is how hosting and facilitating virtual events can help you grow your audience’s trust in you exponentially.

Virtual events, designed and organized in a strategic manner with care given to the people’s outcomes are a tremendous way to showcase your authority,  leadership,  knowledge and experience is to build your audience’s awareness in you,  showcase potential, and engage and connect and build  your community.

Here are some of our favorite ways - Industry Expert Panels


1.  Build a community

At the end of the day, all good business events should bring people together. Thought leadership events, in particular, are a great opportunity to get a group of like-minded individuals on the same virtual stage.

When you introduce the learning style of full audience participation, inviting the audience to break into small online groups using Zoom rooms gives an excellent way of connecting and engaging with people. With the agenda designed and carefully choreographed this can be a very rewarding experience for everyone. This event type is focused on starting dialogues, and an extra bonus is your guests will be sure to meet new people and form bonds.

 2.  Host regular meetups virtually

Consistency is one of the best aspects of any fun thought leadership event (and builds trust).  If you can plan one, why not plan a few more while you’re at it? Giving your audience something to look forward to helps solidify their trust in you.

 3.  Choose hot topics in your industry

Take advantage of topics that are getting a lot of buzz right now. These topics will appeal to your regular audience, but they’ll also attract a fresh group of people who may not have heard of you and/or business before. Expanding your reach should be an an important goal in your empowerment marketing strategy, choosing a hot topic might be the exact method you’re looking for and improve your standing as an authority in your field.

4.  Establish connections through regular FAQ Events

Sometimes the best way to choose a theme for your thought leadership event is to simply ask your customers what they want to learn about(common sense but not done often enough).

Whether you send out a poll or ask directly through social media or email for direct input into what your audience would like to learn about, taking inspiration from your audience/community  is a smart method for planning an event like this. 

5.  Invite inspirational Leaders

People are looking for real life lessons from leaders today, especially when they are encouraging and inspirational. Giving people role models to learn from will help establish you as a trusted advisor and thought leader.

6.  Organize a screening of a topical documentary

 An exclusive screening with a panel of industry leaders is a great way to provide value. These are relatively easy to find as more and more people are looking to livestream events.

 7.  Organize a series of author talks on trending topics

People enjoy peeking inside the author’s mind. Author’s are looking for ways to establish their own brand authority and sell more books so a win win.

8.  Always try to be Future Focused

People love to learn about what trends or news is coming around the bend to give them a step up.

 9.  Networking and connecting opportunities

So many people are working remotely these days, that providing opportunities to work together learn and collaborate together will build the value you provide to the participants.

 10. Repurpose content

When you organize an amazing event, there is usually a treasure trove of valuable insights and material that can be repurposed as blog posts, podcasts, emails, ebooks, guides, white papers and even be edited into video clips, stories and reels to promote your next events on social media. Thanks to the power of video marketing, you can!

11.  Panel-style thought leadership events

Panel-style events are especially helpful. Aligning yourself with reputable and established experts helps your audience associate you with one another. Pretty soon, your name will be synonymous with this topic as well.

Thought leadership events can be organized live virtual events that involves a host organization, a topic of discussion, and an audience. More often than not, a panel of experts will participate and share their opinions or research.

The XCHANGE Approach: A Path to Transformation

Our central method is the XCHANGE framework, where thought-provoking questions and orchestrated conversations take center stage. This methodology fuels intellectual growth, fosters authentic connections, and nurtures a vibrant community – all simultaneously, at any scale.

Leadership Through Influence

Effective leadership is about influence, not control. We draw inspiration from the concept of "leader as influencer." By fostering connection, mentorship, and inspiration, we guide individuals and groups towards realizing their potential.


The Appreciative Inquiry Framework: Unleashing Potential

Central to our leadership philosophy is the Appreciative Inquiry Framework. We believe that highlighting the positive aspects of individuals and groups cultivates an environment of growth and collaboration, catalyzing transformative change.


Self-Leadership: The Catalyst for Influence

Before leading others, mastering self-leadership is essential. At New Prime Time, we believe being a guide on the side starts with personal growth and self-magnetization. Embrace your authentic self to naturally attract and influence others.

Magnetizing, Not Selling

Influence isn't about persuasion; it's about magnetization. Our philosophy centers around attracting individuals who resonate with your values and vision. Whether guiding a team, leading a community, or embarking on a personal journey, our approach focuses on magnetizing like-minded individuals.

Join the Empowerment Journey

Discover a leadership approach that transcends convention. Learn to guide with influence, leverage the power of the Appreciative Inquiry Framework, and become a self-leader who naturally attracts others. Transform leadership into a journey of empowerment, where leaders inspire growth, embrace change, and contribute to a positive world.


Unlocking Profits through Seamless Virtual Gatherings

Elevate your virtual gatherings to new heights with New Prime Time. Our expertise lies in seamlessly orchestrating virtual events that not only engage and connect but also drive profits.

Seamlessness: The Key to Revenue Generation

Virtual gatherings hold untapped potential for fostering relationships and unlocking revenue streams. Our approach goes beyond facilitation; we guide you in curating events that captivate, inspire, and generate impactful revenue.


Imagine your virtual gathering not only engaging participants but also boosting your bottom line. With New Prime Time, participants become enthusiastic contributors to your revenue stream, creating lasting impact.


Our expertise  integrates revenue-generating elements into virtual events. Strategic partnerships, product launches, premium content offerings and membership models – we guide you in monetizing  gatherings, resonating with your audience.


Unveil Profits and Engagement - Results speak louder: your virtual gatherings become both engaging and revenue-generating. Expect valuable connections and a new revenue stream contributing to business growth.

A Collaborative Journey

Partner with us for a journey blending engagement, connection, and profit generation. Our seamless facilitation, coupled with revenue-focused strategies, transforms virtual gatherings into catalysts for success.

We have many more ideas to share with you as to how positioning yourself today as a thought leader to bring your experience and wisdom to the world, 

I work with a company called the Xchange Approach. We are experts at  designing and facilitating virtual events that scale potential exponentially.

Today I am committed to helping people who consider themselves, thought leaders, people who have a calling, a message, a sense of purpose who want to help serve through their wisdom and experiences.

If you want to teach, coach, consult, encourage and inspire others, the way of reaching the Right Fit Clients can be leveraged and scaled by showcasing your abilities and messages through Virtual Events and gatherings.

Transform with Us

Join New Prime Time on a journey beyond conventional event experiences. Unlock the transformative power of Connect, Belong, Learn – a sequence that turns gatherings into life-changing experiences. Create moments that foster growth, authentic connections, and lasting belonging.