The"E" Team Toolkit 

Conversion Marketing

 Our #1 Tool - Leadpages

Looking for your audience? Do you know where they are? 

Our # 1 tool is a magical piece of software with a ton of fabulous features that will allow your business to grow a large and devoted audience and turn them into buyers - FAST. 

Why sales? - money is fun! 

We are so excited about the results we have experienced that we have become fully certified in the 4 stages of the customer journey. Now we can help you create your own marketing masterpieces. 


Know Your Customers

Hands down, Drip is the only advanced marketing automation tool that doesn’t suck! Why? 

Ridiculously easy (and cost effective) to get started. Drip provides you with the best email tools, guidance, campaign workflows, and analytics that you've ever seen in this kind of tool. 

New to us, we are loving it! 

You can get started with Drip's free forever plan. 


Easily Create Videos and Audios

Zoom Video/web conferencing) 

Their tagline says it all-“Great Products Deliver Happiness To Users. 

This is web/video/audio conferencing service at its very best. 

It makes the world a happier place and the HD video quality is amazing. Anything that makes me look good on HD is going to be a favorite tool. 

Let go of your frustrations about poor video streaming and recording. 

Super easy to use on all devices. Everything is automatic. You can upload your videos to YouTube or wherever, and create your podcast quality audio files directly to itunes. 

No more frustrations about poor video streaming, or recording, 

You can use the video meeting conference rooms with up to 25 people on the screen! 

Focus at Will

Ideal for Increasing Focus, Reducing Distractions and Retaining Information

Have you ever tried to work in a chaotic environment and you just can’t seem to focus? But then you turn on some chill, mellow music and suddenly you’re a productivity machine? (As opposed to a dancing one anyway?) 

This is my favorite way to harness my ADHD impulses. Science shows that different sonic environments affect your brain in different ways. (betcha you knew that already.) 

Focus at Will is a collection of music that’s scientifically proven to enhance concentration and productivity. It’s like having a top neuroscientist as your personal DJ. 

I listen to Focus at Will whenever I’m deep in writing/blogging/planning production mode. It’s so good!


Number 1 Tool to Increase Your Sales

Samcart (Sales and Checkout page software) 

Want to follow up with a customer who “abandons” the shopping cart and doesn’t complete the payment process? 

Did you know 80% of the people who land on your Buy now page abandon it BEFORE buying! Yikes! 

Samcart gives you super easy and Ultra Effective Sales and Checkout Pages & One Click Upsells using your existing systems. 

This guarantees a huge jump in your results! (Who isn’t excited about that?)


Bluehost makes it very easy to get a new site up and running.

Bluehost is an easy-to-use and extremely affordable hosting platform.