You + Your Bold STORY = A Stand Out Business 

 Curious about how the world “sees” you? 

 My Gift to You - Discover your own Personal Fascination Archetype- “How the World Sees You!"

Conversion Marketing
Elizabeth Harrington

 “Lives are changed when people connect. Life is changed when everything is connected.”

- Qualcomm Motto

Can you feel it? 

Something BIG is going on. 

I sense it, you sense it, we all sense it! 

Our lives are being transformed in so many ways and realms at once - and frankly it is dizzying. 

With all this dizzying speed of change, there is a cry for authenticity and transparency in the marketplace, especially online. 

There has never been a better time to... 

 Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You! 

 Just as this quote from Dr. Seuss says - 

Today you are you!

Today a savvy marketing strategy begins with grabbing the attention, then connecting YOU with the right audience by STANDING OUT and sharing...

 "You + Your Bold Story” through the looking glass of "how the world sees your FASCINATION Archetype. 

As Customer Experience and Brand Experts, we are delighted to bring you this valuable gift ($67.00 retail value) as our special thank-you for visiting us today. 

We want you to discover your Fascination Factor"!

So you can:

  • stand out with your unique brand story and message
  • get noticed
  • get better leads
  • attract raving fans
  • increase your prices
  • increase your revenue 

Hi I’m Elizabeth Harrington, a master marketing wizard, and customer experience magician. 

In a galaxy, far far away, this was once called a modern marketing expert and communications consultant.  

“Make Every Moment of Our Customer Experience Matter” ...

is my North Star and company guiding principle. 

Here at “E” HQ, while we live the CX or Customer Experience, where every moment matters, we also breathe it, learn it, do it; and then consult and teach what we see working, in real time with real results to win the hearts of … real people. 

As Thomas Friedman, the famous economist and New York Times best selling author says: 

“Tectonic movements are reshaping our world today, from the news, the work you do, the education your kids or grandkids need, the investments you have to make and the moral and geopolitical choices our world has to navigate are ALL being refashioned.” 

The year 2007 was a major inflection point with the release of the iphone, together with advances in silicon chips, software storage, sensors and networking created a new technology platform, called a Supernova. An extraordinary release of energy that is reshaping everything from how we hail a taxi, to how we stay in a strangers spare bedroom in Paris, to our most intimate relationships. 

We’re all hyper connected in ways we could never have imagined before.

Hyper Connected IoT

Our Company Brand is Prestige.

My Fascination Anthem is Inventive Insightful Innovator

My Zone of genius or signature talent is strategic insight - the ability to help people, just like YOU, see around the corners, identify, then remove roadblocks and customize innovative solutions. Read more about my Archetype and Anthem here. 

Imagine putting on a brand NEW pair of “PERSPECTACLES” and SEEING through a fresh lens. 

This is what I do. 

Let me show you how transformative a Powered Up Business Growth strategy can be by sharing your unique Bold Story for Authenticity and then combining that authentic messaging with the Art of Customer Alchemy. (Connection + Engagement) 

I am a fresh idea innovator who conjures up inventive ways to Captivate, Bewitch, Enchant and Fascinate to earn ATTENTION and FOCUS in a wildly distracted, customer centric universe. 

“Attention is something that can’t be refunded or recalled once its gone, it’s gone.” - Seth Godin Marketing Guru and Best Selling Author July 2016 

First Impressions are everything. 

You have less than 9 seconds to STAND OUT and be noticed by your scrolling future customer before she moves on to the next cat video, the latest antics of the Kardasians or a sharper more Stand Out marketing message from your competitor! 

Stand Out in a Crowded Market

The message, as Sally Hogshead states, "Stand Out or Don't Bother"

How do you stand out with this kind of competition? 

Good question. 

Here at “E” HQ, we are on a Quest to provide insight and context, and rich curated content, to the business owners who want candid, NO-Fluff, clear and as easy and simple as possible, ways to deepen the connections with their customers and remove as much of the complexities of this process as possible, to focus on people. 

We know by marrying great responsive design with relevant insight (context), this paves the way for a real connection between your brand and your customer. 

We work with entrepreneurial spirited people, through group coaching, consulting with you and your team and teaching. 

At “E” HQ, we remove the barriers to successful online marketing for the seasoned small business owner who has customers already and wants to deepen the relationship with them by connecting with them where they are researching information - online. 

You’re ready to begin your own quest of connecting with your customers by crafting artful and simple, all the way to sophisticated communication strategies, at each of the touch points of your customer’s journey. 

A common myth is - to thrive you need a big email list and a big advertising budget.  

We disagree. 

What our “E” team does well is build out a successful series of campaigns to nurture the relationship with customers at each of the touch points of their journey, discover more about them through savvy implementation of systems and delight and dazzle them by giving them more of what they want. 

The days of Spray and Pray and random expensive marketing and advertising are OVER. 

We lead the way in customizing the customer experience and turning their journey with you and your brand into a series of emotion evoking, memorable moments. 

We’re strong advocates of “precision marketing” which is more like the magic of alchemy – finding out what your customer wants, then delivering it to your customer, when they want it and how they want it. 

The holy grail is to discover more of what they want, giving it to them, consistently, doing our best to delight them along the way and entangling them into a long term rich relationship –together with us – a forever kind of thing.

"People will forget what you said, 

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget

how you made them feel." 

- Maya Angelou

Look if you’re an entrepreneur, you need to be where your customers are. 

Guess what? 

They’re online, mostly on their mobile devices, self educating themselves and gathering information, doing the research on what their biggest issues are, oh and checking out what their friends on Facebook are saying about certain products as well as influencers. 

The problem is many small businesses aren’t taking advantage of this new way of communicating and connecting with their prospects and really don’t know how to turn them into customers. 

 A recent survey between Leadpages and InfusionSoft, discovered that 47% of small business owners were solely responsible for their marketing. 

Want to see how you stack up? 

Click to read “Are You Savvier Than The Average Small Business Marketer?

Are you Savvier than the Average Small Business Marketer?

Another surprising statistic is that 20% or 1 in 5 small business owners are NOT even using digital marketing! 

Too many business owners (50%) are NOT doing any marketing online to even connect with their customers other than a website! 

Another startling statistic is that 49% of the small business owners who are marketing online aren’t sure if anything they’re doing are effective and 14% know they are NOT! 

 (yikes that last stat is crazy isn’t it?) 

Your customers are online gathering information, doing research and getting social proof from people on social channels. 

Consumers today trust friends and influencers more than your brand message. 

So if you’re not connecting with consumers online, how will anyone find out about you? 

Want to find out more? 

Click here for survey results. 

As ubiquitous as the internet is, and with the “Super Nova” shift of the introduction of the iphone in 2007, if you’re not where your customers are, then your ability to reach them, much less connect with them is going to be limited. 

You can’t get more intimate with your customers than being accessible to them 24/7 on their mobile devices. 

What we have the ability to do today, even without the unlimited resources of big business, is play a much bigger game as long as we’re agile, nimble, quick and totally committed to caring enough about customers. 

You can make their shopping and buying experience, with you, spectacular! 

New Customer acquisition is a much more expensive process than customer loyalty! 

Customer Loyalty

My mission and my purpose at this new stage of my career, is to help as many entrepreneurs get out of struggle, untangle the tech and keep focusing on the principle that “people make us prosperous NOT technology!” 

This is the time to Be Bold, Be Brave and step into the magic of Being You, to really connect with your customers. 

What you need is: 

  • a beginner’s mind, 
  • the ability to be agile in the market,  
  • to implement the best precision marketing systems
  • to focus on diving deep into learning everything you can about the customer experience (CX) on their journey with you and your brand.  

Don’t let Tech hold you back! 

Don’t let Fear hold you back! 

Don’t let Excuses hold you back! 

Don’t let Procrastination hold you back! 

Yes, the pace of technological and scientific change now outstrips the speed with which humans and societies can usually adapt, but as an entrepreneur, why not focus on the world of unlimited possibilities that the most nimble of us can take advantage of, in the most exciting time to be in business today!

If you do this, you’ll never have to worry again about filling your pipeline with new prospects over and over again - much like Ground Hog Day where you keep doing the same thing each and every day and nothing changes, other than the struggle deepens and you get lost in the crowded noisy marketplace and your dream of a vibrant prosperous business fades away. 

If you keep your attention on making each moment matter on your customer journey, the complexities become simpler, the shiny new object syndrome drops away, and you get to enjoy crafting new ways to grow and scale up your business by enjoying your Customer Connections and turning them into Raving Fans. 

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